Custom Canvas Mounting Service
For the Photographic Profession and Art Galleries
Utilizing the McDonald "Lamin-all" system

This is the original canvas mount system, developed by the McDonald Corporation in the 1960's. Whitmire Associates actually purchased Doug McDonald's #One Press, and helped pioneer the canvas process.

The Laminal system is widely considered to be the most artistic method in use for canvas mounting.

Whitmire Associates, and subsidiary, "Canvas Mount Services" has vast experience in the art and craft of canvas mounting. They registered the trade mark "Canvas Brushstroke" in the early 1970's.

"Canvas Mount Services" is not a "sideline" service company. We are not a color lab who mounts your canvas prints as an "extra" to gain your color printing business. We specialize in canvas mounting.

It is a highly specialized craft requiring extensive knowledge and experience. It is, in a sense, an imperfect science where every roll of canvas varies in texture and requires special attention. Ward Whitmire, manager of the Canvas Mount Services Department is acknowledged, nationwide as one of the few experts in the field.

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